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The new way to watch your movies and TV shows
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A new kind of video player

Because a video player should do more than just play videos. Watch This automatically organizes your movies and TV shows, tracks what you've watched and notifies you when new episodes from your favorite shows are available.

Nothing to watch right now? Watch This also has support for streaming sites like as well as live TV channels, so you'll always be entertained.

Just Watch

Watch This supports virtually any video, audio and subtitles format. It also comes with a seamless interface which doesn't get on the way, yet still offers every feature you can expect from a video player and even more.

Automatic Organization

Watch This automatically finds and organizes all your movies and TV shows, so you don't have to.

Continue where you left

Track the episodes you've watched, check if you're behind on a show and find when the next episode airs.

Never miss an episode

With subscriptions and notifications, you'll always know when your favorite shows are on.



Just watch

Watch This supports virtually any type of video, audio and subtitles. No more worrying about formats or codecs.

Track your shows

Watch This remembers which episodes you've watched, so you'll never have to do it yourself again.


Subscribe to your favorite TV shows and get notified when a new episode is available.

Watch Live

Watch streaming sites like and live TV channels.

Watch This

The way video is meant to be watched