7 vidas 1999-2006

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Runtime 50min Released Jan 17, 1999 Country Spain
7 Vidas is a Spanish sitcom which aired on Telecinco from 1999 to 2006. Its title translates as "7 lives" and the symbol of the sitcom is a cat, in reference to the belief that cats have 7 lives. The series is to date 2006 the longest running show of all-time in the history of Spanish television. It was originally inspired by the American blockbuster Friends. At its start it wasn't a great audience success, but over time, the show continued and gained more and more popularity series after series, making it the most popular Spanish TV series of all time. It was in 7 Vidas that the now internationally famous actress Paz Vega and other Spanish actors first became household names in Spain. The sitcom tells the story of a group of friends in Madrid. David was in a coma for more than 18 years and suddenly awakes and starts discovering the new world in which he lives. His neighbour, Sole is an old woman with a penchant for slapping anyone who behaves in a way she dislikes round the back of the neck. Sole soon becomes one of the show's most popular characters. Other characters were Sole's sexually frustrated son, Paco, Carlota David's single sister and Laura, their cousin from Seville, initially Paco's principal love interest and then David's.

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